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Professional Property Management Company in New Bern, NC

Welcome home! We want to help you find your next home and we want you to live happily. You should know all you can about your new residence. That’s why the properties we manage are clearly depicted on our website with interior and exterior photos, room dimensions, and other pertinent information such as being pet friendly. We pride ourselves on meticulously maintained properties, inside and out.

We understand that some moves happen quickly and others take a little while. We can get you moved in to your new home in as little as 48 hours. Or we can also hold a property for you for 30 days, and in some cases as long as 45 days, so that it is ready when you are.

Here’s a short list of what we do for each of our tenants:

  • Qualify Tenant
    o Credit Check
    o Background check
    o Landlord Recommendation
  • Identify Properties
    o Location
    o Size
    o Budget Friendly
  • Tour Properties
    o Coordinate with Tenant
    o Secure access to the property
    o Give Feedback to the owner
  • Prepare Lease in accordance with NC law
    o Review the lease with Tenant
    o Obtain required Signatures
    o Confirm move in date
  • Collect Funds
    o Collect and Hold Security Deposit
    o Collect Rent
    o Deposit and distribute funds to owner
  • Communication
    o Respond to maintenance issues
    o Communicate with Owner
    o Communicate with Service Providers

We find that our tenants are among the happiest dwellers in Craven County. That’s because every address we manage at Rivertowne Rentals is someone’s home.

Contact us today so that we make a happy match for you!

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